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Map of County Cork

The map is a convenient 60cm x 43cm and highlights the ancient families of Cork, some showing the Heraldic crests, and the main historical,events, people and places of interest.

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Highly detailed illustrations include Blarney Castle, Wolfe Tone The Drombeg stone circle and Timoleague Abbey.

All the main cities,towns, rivers,glens and mountain ranges and the heraldic Shield of County Cork are featured. Beautifuuly rendered heraldic crests of the following Families are included:

O`Mahoney, O`Keefe, O`Flynn, O`Daly,Lynch,McCarthy,MacDonagh, O`Sullivan, O`Callaghan and O`Donovan.

The enlarged version on the website gives some idea of the genuine quality and beauty of the artwork.

Other families featured can be found by using the family search button on the home page.

The map is an exquisite record of an area of Ireland rich in legend and history.

The map is printed on high quality paper making it ideal for framing and we can deliver worldwide in protective tubes. It also come with a full guarantee.

Find Your Family Name

This map features the names: Barnwall, Barrett, Barry, Buckley, Cagney, Carrigan, Casey, Clancy, Collins, Comminskey, Condon, Coppinger, Daly, De Carew, De Cogan, De Courcy, Desmond, Dineen, Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Flynn, Gould, Healy, Heyne, Lemass, Lemass, Lucy, Lyons, Macroom, McAuliffe, McCarthy, McCarthy, McDonough, McSherry, McSweeney, Murphy, Nagle, Noonan, O Baire, O Begley, O Bradley, O Brien, O Brigan, O Callaghan, O Callahan, O Clasin, O Coleman, O Cowhy, O Creagh, O Cronin, O Crowley, O Crowly, O Cullen, O Cullenan, O Curry, O Dea, O Deasey, O Dennery, O Dinane, O Donegan, O Donovan, O Driscoll, O Dugan, O Falvey, O Fihelly, O Flynn, O Halahan, O Hartigan, O Hartnett, O Hea, O Herlihy, O Hoolaghan, O Horgan, O Hurley, O Kearney, O Keene, O Leary, O Lomasey, O Looney, O Lynch, O Mahoney, O Morgan, O Morony, O Mullane, O Regan, O Ronayne, O Scannell, O Sheeney, O Sullivan, O Tuohy, O Tuomey, Riordan, Roche, Sarsfield, Skiddy, Supple, Wallace, Walsh.

Can't Find Your Name?

If your name isn`t included it could be because the spelling has altered over the years. For example "McGregor" could be "MacGregor", "Mcully" could be "MacCully ", "Driscol" could be "O`Driscoll", "Malley" could be "O`Malley" etc.

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